The Triumph Tiger

Barry Wilkinson Triumph Tiger 750
Triumph Tiger 750 VR. Original Tank and silencers
Triumph Tiger 750 VR 1973
Clean and polished but still with the old silencers

1973 Triumph Tiger 750

Many thanks go to for all their help in the restoration.

The old girl was in a bit of a sorry state when i acquired her. A good strip down, full engine re-build and hours and hours of polishing got her something like. Had the original tank re-painted and also got a chrome tank to replicate the old jubilee look. The seat was re-covered by P & P seating in Birmingham. The original clocks went back to Smiths for a complete refurb. Thanks to me bro Johny for the silencers. 

A labour of love, the cost of restoration way outstrips the value of the bike, But she's a beauty.

Who wants retro. Oil on the garage floor, Kick start only. Spanners in your bag when you go out (somethings bound to come loose) and white finger syndrome from the vibration. Nostalgia ain't what it used to be.